Monday, 3 January 2011

Research and Planning: Cast Organisation

After contacting him and making sure he's available, Jess and I have assigned the role of the protagonist in our music video to Alex Rainsford.

Alex on Facebook

Although he doesn't attend the same college as Jess and I, Alex assures us he'll be available for the times we need to film. He already has a folky look about him and being a singer himself will feel comfortable performing and lip syncing.

We discussed who should play the role of the main hanged person, which  is an important role as the character will get a lot of camera time in the first section of the video, and decided Emma Harrison would be perfect for it. She is outgoing enough to feel confident in the role but also does media as well so will understand the seriousness of the video and what we need to achieve.

Emma on Facebook

Jess and I have also created a Facebook event for the main cast as well as the extras we'll need for the last scene in the video. We've made it an open event, meaning anyone can invite others to join which will hopefully end up with us having a crowd of people required for the end of the video when the main character is surrounded by the dead people he has saved.

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