Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Research & Planning: Prop List

I've quickly put together a prop list of the key items needed in the video. Thankfully most are easy to get hold of, the only one we were having difficulty was the rope which luckily Jess looks to have sourced from a friend free of charge. However it's come to light now that we also need to find a chair after being unable to get one from home ourselves and so I've sent out a group email to my friends to see if they have one they could lend.

The props we will need are:

A rope - This will hopefully be supplied by a friend of Jess'
A ladder - Jess has sourced this from home.
Chocolate - This can easily be bought cheaply.
A car - For the home video scene to be shot inside, hopefully supplied and driven by Jess' mum.
A bike - I've found a friend who is keen to be a part of the video and is willing to supply his bike.
Makeup - The actors playing dead people will need a bit of makeup under the eyes which I can provide.

Jess and I have also come up with a way for the rope to be safely constructed yet still believable and Jess has drawn a diagram to show this:

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