Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Research & Planning: Audience Print Production Feedback

I posted images of my unfinished print production onto Facebook and tagged the people I thought were most like my target audience. This was to make sure it was appealing and relevant to my audience and the genre. With regards to my advert the response was very positive with comments such as:

Josh Taylor - "I think it's very good, the colours work and everything"

Emma Harrison - "I really like it! I think you need to move the "CD out now" slighly to the left"

Leah Dennison - "Love the photo, but I agree the text needs to move slightly"

And these were some of the responses to my digipak:

Emma Harrison - "I like it but I think you could change the font for the title"

Josh Taylor - "Not such a fan of the back cover, maybe you could make it more textured?"

Milly Morris - "I think it's really good! I agree with the others about the changes though"

From this feedback I will now go on to make the changes needed to my print production.

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