Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Research & Planning: Digipak Inside Images

I've chosen these images I took in the woods as the inside images of my digipak. I chose to include woody, scenic pictures to cohere to other folk digipaks, as I'd chosen to do something quite different for my front cover.

However in their original condition they didn't match the warm saturated tones of the image on the front colour and so I had to do a bit of editing. I stripped the images of their colour by using the desaturate option, I then added an orangey yellow colour filter, changing the opacity to my preference. Finally I added the grain effect to match the front cover but put it on a very low opacity to make it more subtle.

Below are the final edited images for the inside covers of my digipak. Originally I had planned to put text across the images, either lyrics or thankyous, however after some experimentation I decided it didn't look right and left it out.

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