Friday, 4 March 2011

Q2: How Effective Is The Combination Of Your Main Product And Ancillary Texts?

Aspects I would change:
  • My music video itself is purposefully incoherant to distinguish the different narratives, but the sections are mostly coherant. The only incoherency is between the wooded shots with the protagonist and where the extras come in. This is because the latter was shot on a different day when it was significantly sunnier. If I was to reshoot my video I would make sure each section was shot on the same day to increase coherency.
  • I would make the colours between the advert and the digipak the same or more similar so they can be more easily recognised as part of a marketing package.

To conclude, the house style for my productions is one which contains vintage filters with nostalgic themes and outdoor locations. Although there is a difference in colour and character I think the audience was still able to recognise the artist through the house style created.

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