Friday, 4 March 2011

Q3: What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

Throughout the process of creating all three products I have frequently asked my target audience for feedback to ensure I was appealing to them. I used a variety of platforms to discuss my products with my audience such as Facebook, class comments and face to face. My final audience feedback upon completing my music video was to see if what I had created was successful.

I gathered three people I believed to be in my target audience. These people are:
  • Hedonists
  • Students
  • C1- B demographic
  • 16-21

The video's narrative was a key feature due to it's entropic and ambiguous style. We deliberatley made it so the video could be interpreted in different ways. However from their answers it is  clear that the narrative has not been completely understood. There ideas on the narrative varied from "suicide" to "travelling" showing a negotiated reading of the text. My focus group may not have had the right cultural capital (perhaps they are not regular music video watchers) to understand or perhaps this shows that the narrative was too entropic for even our target audience to comprehend or interpret. Based on comments such as "Why were there girls in a car?" and "Why was he hung?" it is obvious to me that I need to make my narrative clearer. 

I also presented my video to my media class who have a range of interests and demographics but being media students can comment on the video more technically. The consensus was that our video fitted the indie/folk genre due to the use of filters to give the vintage look. It was also said that our 'locations suited the song' and our 'setting suited the genre' showing that generally they gave a preffered reading.

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